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FBA Credits Like Found Money for Amazon Sellers

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The Fulfillment by Amazon Challenge

Amazon has become synonymous with online selling, shopping and buying. As the online storefront for 2.5 million sellers, the ecommerce juggernaut sells more than 4,000 items per minute  or small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S.

And while buying on Amazon has become incredibly easy for consumers around the world, selling on Amazon can be complicated. Sellers need to be proficient multitaskers in manufacturing, merchandising and marketing. They must generate new content, ads, and clicks that drive a steady stream of purchases.

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$2,000 Average Monthly FBA Credits 


Ted Tieken is founder and CEO at Keto and Co, an Amazon seller of ultra-low carb, ketogenic products and mixes. Tieken subscribes to the lean business model of focusing on core competencies such as research, recipe formulation and new product development.

But manufacturing is outsourced, and so is fulfillment. Keto and Co processes about 5,000 orders each week through FBA. Tieken trusts Sifted’s Amazon Audit service to audit FBA activity and make sure he’s getting what he paid for and not paying any more than he should.

Partnering with Sifted fits his business model and helps his bank account. Each month, on average, Sifted finds about $2,000 in FBA credits.

I could certainly download the 20 reports each month, and cross-tabulate, and analyze them for discrepancies, and then file my own claims, but that’s not the best use of my time and talent. With Sifted, I know it’s getting done right. They handle everything and give me one simple report each month that tells me how much I saved in FBA.

Ted Tieken | Founder and CEO, Keto and Co

Claiming Past FBA Credits and Managing Future Risk

eat your coffeeIn 2013, Ali Kothari and his roommates at Northeastern University wondered aloud why they couldn’t get the energy they craved from a cup of coffee in some other tasty and fun-to-eat treat. And that’s when the idea for Eat Your Coffee was born.

Eat Your Coffee receives 500 orders per month for its energy snack bars through Amazon and orders continue to increase as Kothari and his team of 10 optimize ad spending, marketing and public relations.

When Kothari signed up for Sifted’s free Amazon Audit service, he didn’t know what to expect, but he knew it couldn’t hurt to keep a closer eye on FBA.

“It was so easy to sign up and get going with Sifted and their Amazon Audit service that I forgot I’d done it until we got our first month’s report and it showed $2,000 in FBA credits, going back as far as 18 months,” Kothari said. “We were very happy with that, and now we typically receive about $250 to $500 in monthly FBA credits.

I’m very active in online retailing circles, and I’m always telling my fellow entrepreneurs about Sifted and the Amazon Audit experience and savings. I’ve personally referred Sifted to 15 or 20 Amazon sellers, and I’ll continue to do that because the service works so well.”

Ali Kothari | Co-Founder and COO, Eat Your Coffee

An FBA Advocate for Amazon Sellers

ppw_logo-SB-black-300After 20 years in architecture and technology, Brad Bennett decided to turn a passion and hobby  for preserved foods like pickles, olives and beets into a real business and founded Pacific Pickle Works  in 2011.

In addition to being carried in 2,000 retail locations nationwide, Pacific Pickle Works receives about 150 orders per week through Amazon. Heavy jars full of pickles, beets, asparagus, and cauliflower require lots of cushioning and oversized boxes to make the trip safely. Weights and dimensions are some of the most common mistakes that occur with FBA and those mistakes can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

“When we first got started with Sifted, they noticed some odd overcharges for sizes and dimensions of packages that weren’t even ours,” Bennett said. “Sifted went to bat for us, proved our case to Amazon and got it all straightened out, plus a refund of about $500 in the first month.” Bennett said he likes that Sifted is always working in the background monitoring FBA for his growing company. “We’re a hard-working team that puts out about two to three thousand jars of pickled vegetables every day and we don’t have time to watch every little line item in our FBA reports,” Bennett said. 

Sifted is our silent advocate, helping us watch expenses and get the most from our margins.

Brad Bennett | Pacific Pickle Works

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